Wooden Hope Bracelet + Earrings

Wooden Hope Bracelet + Earrings


If faith is the substance of things hoped for..." (Hebrews 11:1) what a tragedy it is to see people without hope! I mean forget about faith, because if you don't even have hope, what will you aim your faith at???

Today, I want to encourage you, that if you have lost hope in an area or situation...God has not forgotten about you, and He does care about the pain you feel from dissapointment.

Trust me I have had my share of dissapointments, but I have learned through my relationship with God, to rest in His goodness and cling to His faithfulness, it is a sure thing in a life where things can sometimes be unsure. He never ever changes!(Hebrews 13:8)

The bible says "hope deferred makes the heart sick..." (Proverbs 13:12) If your heart is burdened down with the pain of dissapointment, I declare healing over you right now! I pray that God will meet you in those places of dissapointment, or what looked like failure...and bring restoration, and the courage to hope again! It's not too late for you, and it is not over!

Thank you Lord for exposing lies and shifting perspectives, and mindsets! Help us see through the lenses of the victory you have already won for us! We fix our gaze on You and Your goodness, standing on the foundation of the last time you came through for us! It's the reason we are still here right now! You can be depended on!

Declare it:

Thank you Lord, that your plans and intentions for me are good, and you can be depended on! I anchor my hope and trust in you!

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